Korean Dramas Sometimes Make Me Depressed

Rant: Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that deeply impacted your life and mood for a few days? In the past, I cried while reading Chronicles of Narnia, Fault in our Stars, and Battle Royale. (All of these are movies, but I had read the books before watching the films…just because.) Well, a recent K-drama, that I watched, left me depressed for maybe two days… I think I know what you are thinking, and I know. I couldn’t believe it myself.

First off, when watching Korean dramas, or anything really, don’t sink into their world and think it’s reality. You may get deceived and let down. Is it only me or do others feel so sucked into a book/movie that it leaves them feeling confused about their life almost? Idk. You may go crazy if you’re not careful. Secondly, remind yourself that it’s just entertainment. Sure, cry at the sad parts (bawl like a baby and use a whole tissue box) but don’t let those scenes purposed to tug at your heart resonate with you forever. Try to gt over it quickly. Writers can make you feel an intended way on purpose. And lastly, if you must, stay away from that genre for a while. Socialize with real, actual people. Lol. But if you have to, watch something else that is more lighthearted. (I’ve actually gone back to watching thriller and mystery. Skip romance–just kidding–for now. I’m currently watching Missing Noir M which is super good. If you like Sherlock Holmes, you’d definitely love this.)

So anyway, I believe it had been a little over half a year since I had watched a full K-drama. At the beginning of summer, I decided to slow down on K-dramas and instead focus on my college classes. Then after I graduated from college just this past December, I decided to reward myself by binge-watching a whole series. On Netflix, I decided to watch Gu Family Book which is a fantasy genre K-drama that came out in 2013–2 years ago, I know. Anyway, I had heard a lot about this drama from some friends and my sister. I also saw it on Netflix often and had never gave it a thought because it had 24 episodes, and I honestly didn’t want to commit 24 hours, whether it was 24 hours straight or chopped up. I just didn’t resonate with Gu Family Book even though I enjoyed the snippets and the OST on YouTube. But I caved in and gave it a chance because of the first two episodes! (I won’t start about Choi Jin-hyuk being one of my most favorite Korean celebrities. Lee Seung-gi grew on me too. That smile and his acting were brilliant! Definitely one of my new favorite Korean actors.)

Gu Family took me roughly a little over 2 days to finish–perhaps it was 2 days and a few hours. Crazy, I know. I sacrificed sleep and got through nearly 10 episodes in one night. Now that is called commitment, right?

My reasons for watching Gu Family Book was because I fell in love with the love story between Gu Wol-ryung and Yoon Seo-hwa, who are Choi Kang-chi’s real parents. Let me just say that the first and second opening episodes caught me. It was like I was frozen in time with the blue fairy lights flying all around me. I had to jump on the Gu Family band wagon. So this love story is a bout a non-human creature falling genuinely in love with a human. Wol-ryung, the mysterious, mythical creature called “kumiho” which means nine-tailed fox, lived in a beautiful garden called Moonlight Garden. He protected the mountains, and tried to stay away from humans. But one day, his sincere heart wanted to protect a noble girl who was sold into a gisaeng house. He felt drawn to her despite she being a human and he knowing what humans think of him. Then a lot of thrilling stuff happens, yes, and after he rescues her, they fall in love. But she had no idea he was a gumiho creature. He loved her so honestly that he wanted to become human. After going through a hundred day process to become human, it was on the last day of the hundredth day that in order to further protect her from the soldiers, he had to reveal his true form to defend her. She was frightened which made her retreat back to the people who wanted her dead. 

Okay. That was just a quick, unclear recap of the beginning that wholly captured me. (I don’t want to give any spoilers away either.) But after watching the entire thing, I got really depressed. As the drama goes on, the focus is on Kang-chi’s life of desiring to become human and his love story (which is fine) but I do still prefer Wol-ryung’s love story. Let me just say that Kang-chi’s love story is another tragic one like his parents (which was unsatisfying to me.) 😦 Maybe because it was so horribly dragged and the writers just wanted to pull on our heart-strings. I am not gonna deny that I didn’t cry. I did cry. A lot too. I practically mopped my kitchen floor with my tears. No, just kidding. But in all seriousness, I was not satisfied with the writing and the ending. I mean, it was just really, really sad! I felt like the writer(s) took advantage of my attention and turned it into a sob story that just wasn’t all that worth it. All of my emotions were attacked, I felt. I was angry that the villain got away with so many schemes. I was sad that Yeo-wool was sacrificed. I was just miserable. I felt the script didn’t justify how great the characters were. I don’t mean to misguide anyone. There were great scenes and wonderful character development…. so good. But the ending was sadly slapped on. I guess I had high expectations for that drama. Oh well. However, nothing beats the love story between the human girl and the nine-tailed fox!

Wol Ryung & Seo Hwa (CJH & LYH) <3 #GFB:


My Rant About Donald Trump and “2 Corinthians”

Rant: Is anyone else talking about how Donald Trump said “two” Corinthians instead of “second” Corinthians? Well, I can’t imagine how embarrassed he must had been after realizing that he mis-read the speech, written for him by Tony Perkins, in front of hundreds of Evangelizing Christians at Liberty University. In an interview with CNN, Trump defended himself, saying it’s not a big deal though. He’s right. It’s kinda really not a big deal, except it kinda is. What is a big deal is that he used the verse out of context for his own political fancy. And that is something we all have to be attentive to.

(In my personal opinion) not one of Donald Trump’s public speeches has convinced me that he has what it take to (quote-unquote) “make America great again.” What really confuses me, still, is why so many people still support this guy. ??? Honestly, who knows why? I don’t think there is one thing that this guy has said in his speeches that got me thinking “yes.” Instead, I’ve raised my brows at his appalling responses and behaviors that he had repeatedly made. His speeches and presence at the podium do not convince me that he will make a good leader of this nation. And earlier this week when he spoke at Liberty University, when he referred 2 Corinthians as “two” Corinthians and took this verse out of context, he said he wanted to protect Christianity and that he will be the “protector.” Really, Trump? Then I came across this opinion piece (by the Christian Post) which I found as a great reminder especially because elections are coming up.

“Christians should be more concerned about [Trump’s] words than his use of ‘two’ instead of ‘second’ to modify Corinthians… Trump was speaking at a Christian university, Christians should point out that his words were heretical… The incident also points to the dangers of politicians using Bible quotes for political means, and the supporters who cheer them on when they do so.” (To read the full CP article, click here

Overall, I think we should be attentive when considering who we want to elect for any election. Just because Trump (mis)read 2 Corinthians, it means he believes it, and just because Trump (mis)used the verse from the Bible, it means he is a Presbyterian as he claims himself to be.