Rant: not-so-happy childhood memories

Rant of the night:
I really hate it when my parents disagree and argue about the stupidest, smallest things. I just wish they can see eye-to-eye on everything. Although that is impossible and unrealistic, I wish they can know how to talk to one another in a respectful and humble way when they don’t agree. And I wish they can listen and understand one another, or at least try to.
I am 24, and I live with my parents, still. (Strange? Well, it’s pretty normal in my culture. Unmarried children are to live with their parents until they are wedded. Well, this applies to girls usually.) Anyway, Mom and Dad disagreed on traveling. Mom wants to go to Israel and Dad doesn’t want to travel period. Mom just wants to plan the trip, but Dad isn’t making any promises. They both are aware that their budgets are tight which is the reason why Dad isn’t for the trip. Mom isn’t respecting Dad’s decision like usual. I get it. Mom wants to travel, but maybe she can propose something to convince Dad to go with her because she doesn’t want to go alone anyway. She wants to go with Dad.
Their words and raised voices took me back to my not-so-happy childhood memories when my parents argued and fought over the stupidest, littlest things. I guess things still haven’t changed. But those memories were the darkest moments of my life. I feel like a child again, at 24. I just want to wrap myself in a blanket and hide in the darkest corner of my room with my hands over my ears. Sometimes I wish my parents understood Dr. Phil and other talk-shows during the day. Or sometimes I wish my parents had marriage counseling classes. I actually have a really great book on building relationships that I wish they could read because I am really tired of being the adult, the parent.