My Rant About Donald Trump and “2 Corinthians”

Rant: Is anyone else talking about how Donald Trump said “two” Corinthians instead of “second” Corinthians? Well, I can’t imagine how embarrassed he must had been after realizing that he mis-read the speech, written for him by Tony Perkins, in front of hundreds of Evangelizing Christians at Liberty University. In an interview with CNN, Trump defended himself, saying it’s not a big deal though. He’s right. It’s kinda really not a big deal, except it kinda is. What is a big deal is that he used the verse out of context for his own political fancy. And that is something we all have to be attentive to.

(In my personal opinion) not one of Donald Trump’s public speeches has convinced me that he has what it take to (quote-unquote) “make America great again.” What really confuses me, still, is why so many people still support this guy. ??? Honestly, who knows why? I don’t think there is one thing that this guy has said in his speeches that got me thinking “yes.” Instead, I’ve raised my brows at his appalling responses and behaviors that he had repeatedly made. His speeches and presence at the podium do not convince me that he will make a good leader of this nation. And earlier this week when he spoke at Liberty University, when he referred 2 Corinthians as “two” Corinthians and took this verse out of context, he said he wanted to protect Christianity and that he will be the “protector.” Really, Trump? Then I came across this opinion piece (by the Christian Post) which I found as a great reminder especially because elections are coming up.

“Christians should be more concerned about [Trump’s] words than his use of ‘two’ instead of ‘second’ to modify Corinthians… Trump was speaking at a Christian university, Christians should point out that his words were heretical… The incident also points to the dangers of politicians using Bible quotes for political means, and the supporters who cheer them on when they do so.” (To read the full CP article, click here

Overall, I think we should be attentive when considering who we want to elect for any election. Just because Trump (mis)read 2 Corinthians, it means he believes it, and just because Trump (mis)used the verse from the Bible, it means he is a Presbyterian as he claims himself to be.